Welcome to Property Achievers

Over the last 30 years we have personally been involved with a large number of property investments and with a vast knowledge of business management and business ownership (over 25 years).

We believe in building strong relationships – to us it is all about building and nurturing a relationship first and foremost, which naturally creates an abundance of money flow. 

We want to help you by creating the right mindset and surrounding you with like minded people to give you the ability to succeed through investing in property to create a prosperous financial lifestyle. We love to teach and pass on our knowledge and also to connect with people. It’s a passionate goal for us to help people to take that first step.

We are very family orientated with 4 wonderful children and 15 gorgeous grandchildren.

Our goal is to help you achieve your goal.



Don Milne has been involved in property investing for over 30 years and now is a full time property investor and has lived that life style for the last many years; over these years Don has invested large sums to educate himself in Property Investing. Don’s philosophy is to be learning and teaching. (Learner Teacher). Don came from a very loving family and grew up in a housing commission area, Don was asked to leave school at the age of 16 and he did not complete the school certificate. At the time Don left school Don recalls his father saying ‘Son get a trade and you will always have work and money’. At that time it was the ultimate to have a trade behind you. Don now has 3 trades behind him, Don likes to be known as the ‘ Tradie’ and he has been the owner and director of over 10 businesses. Don is a known presenter and speaker, published author, had a weekly radio programme called ‘The Lady and the Tradie’. Don loves to educate and teach, Don’s beliefs are integrity, honesty and trust.


Jan Milne purchased her first property at 21 years of age and has been involved in many property transactions over the last 30 years. Currently is now a full time property investor and has been for many years. Jan arrived in Australia in 1969 from England with her parents and siblings to start a new life in the lucky country. Jan’s family had lived in caravans most of her life traveling with her fathers work in construction. She went to over 25 schools before getting special permission to leave at 14 years and 9 months. Jan has been an owner/director of many different businesses, Jan is an accomplished author, a known presenter, speaker and a media advocate for domestic violence. She has been interviewed on channel 10, channel 7 nationally and conducted a weekly radio programme called “The Lady and The Tradie”. Jan inspires many people to strive for their goals through her high integrity, honesty and enthusiasm. She is involved in many charities, such as, It’s Not OK, B1G1 and a very special relationship the Namaqumaqua Village of Fiji.

It has always been our goal to help people bridge the ‘knowledge-to-action’ gap in how to invest in property to create financial freedom.

What are YOU doing right NOW to change this for YOU? So with this in mind, we knew what the answer was.

YES you need to know what you are doing
YES you must have a great team
YES you must have a proven record

There is only one answer to achieve all of this, which is so simple.

SO… Why not partner with us and we can show you how we have created massive results

YES, we have the education
Yes, we have the great team and
YES, we have the proven record.
As we have always said YOU must be working with people doing it.

SO are YOU ready to create YOUR financial freedom.

Joint Venture Investing & Developing

Jan and Don, along with their awesome TEAM are looking for positive motivated people to PARTNER with them moving forward in Joint Ventures that will increase your financial position.

If this is something that is of great importance to you, contact us  as we are only looking to work with those who TRULY want to create their financial freedom by being involved in our latest projects.

After searching for profitable deals for way too long and finding the competition incredible we have NOW moved into deals that are not the normal mum and dad ‘home renovation’ projects. This has solved the situation of competition and not enough profit, creating  MASSIVE opportunities and $$$$$$$ – For a similar financial investment that would be required to do a sub-division, renovation or buy and hold, we invite you to become part of a proven team that is involved in large scale profitable property development projects.

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